Available project (R)

The Augustus property is comprised of multiple lithium target areas. The boundaries of the mineralized target areas are not completely defined. The lithium mineralization may be considerably more extensive than current information suggests. Within the property, there are several spodumene bearing pegmatite bodies and target areas which have had little or no work done on them, some of these may prove to be of interest in conjunction with the main target areas of interest (Canadian Lithium and the Augustus prospects). More ground testing, stripping, trenching and bulk sampling is highly recommended to find the extension of the existing lithium mineralization sites and to follow-up on all target areas that have been delineated during all previous work programs on the property. Attention should be paid to the new target area where several other pegmatite dykes have never been tested.
The property hosts the Canadian Lithium and the Augustus prospects. Both are considered the most promising target areas on the property as well as the regional area. Dykes of the Canadian Lithium prospect are exposed over a considerable width. Their widths vary from 100 to 300 feet based on several wide drill-hole intersections.
Geologically, the property represents an ideal geological environment for hosting large tonnage-good grade Lithium deposits. The property is well located on the strategic contact zone of the Lacorne batholiths enjoying the same geological environment as the Quebec Lithium mine.
The property is readily accessible and all facilities essential for large scale production are close at hand allowing for a low-cost operation. The increasing price of lithium also favors further exploration of the property.
It is concluded that the Canadian Lithium and Augustus prospects exhibit the potential to host viable tonnage and good grade lithium deposits.
A systematic evaluation of the property for economic lithium mineralization is justified considering the geological setting, the known occurrences and the increasing worldwide demand for lithium. The Canadian Lithium extension and Augustus prospects are the main targets for development work; however other lithium deposits could possibly be discovered elsewhere on the property under shallow overburden.


Geological Report