On Track Exploration Limited is a private exploration company committed to provide the mining community with wide range of quality services in mineral exploration. The company's staff brings international experience extending to the United States, Latin America and the Middle East.

Primary Services
  • Property Acquisition
  • Grid work and line cutting
  • Grass-Roots Exploration (Project planning & Design)
  • Geological-Geochemical and Geophysical field work
  • Assessment work and property evaluation
  • Drill programs management & 43-101 technical report
  • Geological-Geochemical and Geophysical Research


·Nova Uranium Corporation(604) 687-7179
·Ant Oro(514) 982-6044 

·Golden Dawn Minerals (604) 221-8936

·Abbastar Uranium (604) 658-2040

·Entourage Mining (604) 669-4367
·Starfire Minerals Inc.(604) 687-6716
·Kermode (604) 687-7178

·Interactive Exploration Inc.(604) 669-6807
·Icefield Diamonds Inc.(250) 765-5116